Where is your B2C data sourced from?

Our fresh B2C data combines the demographic, behavioural and socio economic profiles of over 42 million consumers from multiple B2C data sources including Experian Consumer View, Online Lead Generation sites and many more.

Is your B2C data regularly checked and updated?

Yes. Our fresh B2C data is exactly that – fresh and bang up to date!  We receive premium B2C data feeds daily and our B2C data is growing at a rate of 100,000 per month.

Can you update and add to my existing B2C database?

Yes, simply send us your data file and we’ll do the rest. We can analyse your existing B2C database and improve it by adding additional telephone numbers, email addresses, mobile numbers and new variables to enhance targeting precision. Meaning you’re left with up to date, fully compliant, fresh B2C data.

What variables can I refine your B2C data by?

Our fresh B2C data can be refined using more than 340 variables including socio demographic, financial status, mobile usage, energy usage, ethnic origin and many more. Want to learn more? Call us today on [icsPhoneNumber] to talk to a member of our team.

What other services can you provide?

As well as providing fresh B2C data we can also provide the full spectrum of data services, tailored towards increasing your ROI. These services include B2B data, email marketing, data cleansing, data analytics, data management and many more. Call us on [icsPhoneNumber] to talk to a member of our team.



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